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Baseball is nice, and the Rockies are all set to kick off the Coors Field slate tomorrow!

Catch up with PDP's 69th nice episode, that also will kick off the home slate of another nice season of nice Colorado Rockies baseball.

Listen to the latest NICE episode of the PDP!
Listen to the latest NICE episode of the PDP!
Purple Row

Trevor Story is the talk of the baseball world. Colorado's next shortstop star has blasted his way into the record books, and his team is 2-1 leaving Arizona after the first series of the 2016 season. Is it all sustainable? Well...I mean, no. But CAN'T YOU LET US ENJOY THIS FOR A MINUTE?! GOSH.

Really though, the Rockies have shown some encouraging signs through the season's first three games, as they do every April. Trevor Story is foremost among them, but Miguel Castro is another. Carlos Gonzalez continues to be one of the game's best players inning after inning. And even though Nolan Arenado has had approximately 674 hits taken away from him via the shift, he's ripping the ball to start 2016.

We'll look at Colorado's solid start, some concerning Weissian moves with the bullpen, and talk with our good pal, the teenaged sensation himself, Cameron Goeldner of Purple Row on what is sure to be the nicest episode of the PDP yet!