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The Rockies' High-A affiliate Modesto Nuts' home ballpark, John Thurman Field, in pictures

In this portion of our seven-part series on the Colorado Rockies' High-A affiliate Modesto Nuts, take a look around John Thurman Field.

Modesto, Calif. -- The Colorado Rockies' relationship with the Modesto Nuts is entering its 12th year in 2016, currently the Rockies' second-longest standing minor league partnership. As we found out heading up to Modesto's John Thurman Field, there are several reasons why the big league club and the minor league organization have worked so well together.

As Modesto begins its season on Thursday evening, we are running a series of features today to enlighten Rockies fans on the club's California League affiliate, and give you a better idea of some of the unique aspects of minor league life, especially in the Golden State's Central Valley.

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Editor’s Note: This is one piece of a special seven-part feature series Purple Row is doing today to celebrate the beginning of another season of Modesto Nuts baseball. Below are all the other parts of the series about the Rockies’ High-A affiliate in the California League.

Click here to read more about the California League itself, a unique outpost in minor league baseball that's celebrating its 75th anniversary this summer.

Click here to learn more about the Nuts' host families, and the story of one specific family that has hosted the likes of Trevor Story and Dustin Garneau.

Click here to read more about Mike Gorrasi, the man behind the Nuts' success in the community for the last 15 years.

Click here to read more about the long relationship between the Nuts and the Rockies, told by front office and player development executives.

Click here to read more about the city of Modesto, and how a community like that impacts what the Nuts do on and off the field.

Click here to read more about John Thurman Field, the Nuts' home ballpark that sits on a site that has hosted baseball in Modesto for a century.

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