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Trevor Story and Tyler Chatwood are bringing a ton of excitement to the beginning of the season

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Matt Kartozian-USA TODAY Sports

Hey all, we've got a ton of Minor League coverage today, so much so that this RP will be the only thing that's not about the farm system that'll be up. So, I'm honored. Check out all of the pieces, because I know our writers have spent a ton of time on them. Charlie Drysdale has a preview for the Asheville Tourists as they begin their season, and the fantastic Jen Mac Ramos and the ever "meh" Bobby DeMuro (that might be generous, to be honest) have a truckload of stuff up about Modesto, too many posts to tag so make sure you peruse the entire site to see what they have.

Kiszla: Trevor Story's historic run is for grandpa — Denver Post

A door opened for Trevor Story when the Rockies found themselves without a definite starting shortstop and the 23-year-old has seized the opportunity with both hands, homering his way into the history books and looking like a very capable player while manning a position vacated by one of the franchise's best. Story has looked legit, both at the plate and in the field. The young man looks comfortable, despite the hoopla surrounding him, with Carlos Gonzalez commenting that Story looks every bit the type of player who can carry himself in the bigs. As Mark Kiszla reports, Story is keeping his head down and getting to work, except when he crosses the plate that is. Then, for a brief moment, he raises his head to the sky to honor his late grandfather who Story says played a huge role in baseball life. I distinctly remember my late grandfather at my baseball games — Little League, so basically the same thing as MLB — and how it felt to have him there, so I think Story's homage is something a lot of us can relate to. Great debut series for the rookie, and I can't wait to see him grow over the season.

Tyler Chatwood triumphant in return to Rockies' mound — Denver Post

After last pitching for the Rockies on April 29, 2014, Tyler Chatwood made his long-awaited return from his second TJ surgery and looked great on the hill in yesterday's tilt against the Diamondbacks. The righty worked through 6.1 tough innings, surrendering two runs (one earned) and walking none. Pretty unusual I get to type that last part. Saunders writes that Chatty was surrounded in the clubhouse, receiving a hug from Bridich and some love from his teammates. Awesome to see him back out there, one can only imagine at the mental and physical fortitude a guy like that must have to work so hard to come back. I think Nolan said it best, calling Chatty a "beast."

Rockies slugging homers to begin the season — Denver Post

The Rockies have tied a club record with 10 homers in their opening series, with six of those coming from the middle infield. The current composition of the roster affords Walt Weiss a lot of flexibility, and it'll be interesting to see how well he can utilize his players for each situation. Also of note from the article? Jon Gray is getting closer to a return, with a rehab start scheduled for tomorrow.

LeMahieu saying right things after double switches — MLB

The victim of Weiss' double switches in two games of the three, DJ says he understands his subbing was just a part of the game flow. Whether you agree with the switches, well that's a different question entirely. The second baseman has looked great thus far, showing flexibility while leading off and hitting eighth. DJ's shown recently a solid ability to get on base and he adds a lot of value wherever he's positioned in the lineup. Let's hope our starters can begin to go deeper into games, however, and the issue of an early double switch doesn't have to be a thing.

Colorado Rockies: 3 Things We Liked in the Arizona Series — Rox Pile

I'll give you a hint, it's Trevor Story, Boone Logan, and Tyler Chatwood. Story and Chatty are getting a lot of attention and deservedly so, but I think we all know just how important it would be to the team if Boone Logan can pitch the way we thought he might be able to when he was signed a couple years ago. With a bunch of quality additions to the bullpen, Logan may find himself in a better position to flaunt his stuff as a dominant pitcher against lefties.

Let's Get Irresponsibly Excited About Trevor Story — FanGraphs

Very nice look at some of Story's ABs and just how hard he hits the ball. The big question everyone is asking is just how good will Story be once the league gets a good long look at him. How well will he respond once pitchers know what he likes and what he doesn't? Time will tell, but as Sullivan hints at the end of his article, for now I'm just happy to be around for the ride, which has so far been pretty incredible.