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Where to sit at Coors Field to catch Colorado Rockies SS Trevor Story's next home run

If you're smart about where you sit, maybe the Rockies' shortstop will hit YOU a ball.

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Colorado Rockies shortstop Trevor Story.
Colorado Rockies shortstop Trevor Story.
Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

We don't have tons of data on Trevor Story and his home run tendencies thus far in his big league career, other than knowing, uh, he hits a lot of them. And now that he's hit his first two in Denver—and went and made Major League history in the process—you can probably think about how to best line up your next Rockies game to coincide with a dinger coming straight for your noggin. (But not that Dinger. That Dinger is bad.)

Our friends at SeatGeek put together a nifty little interactive graphic, their Home Run Value Guide, that's all about finding where in Coors Field you should sit to get a home run. They based things off last year's homer numbers, locations, and distances, and even though the Rockies made some outfield wall changes ahead of this season, those obviously aren't going to affect the fans.

Their verdict on the place to sit to give yourself the best chance to catch a home run? It's probably exactly what you think: sections 152-156 are a treasure trove out in left-center field. Story himself hit a big fly out that way on Friday afternoon in the Rockies' loss to the San Diego Padres. And you missed it! You could have been there!

Check out more Coors Field homer info from SeatGeek's Home Run Value Guide.

After you do, watch this sweet, sweet swing again and again and again... and again.

And some throwback shots, because why not:

Dinger City, baby.