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Game No. 5: Colorado Rockies, Jorge De La Rosa vs. San Diego Padres, Drew Pomeranz

The Rockies and Padres are playing tonight. Let's talk about it!

Colorado Rockies shortstop Trevor Story.
Colorado Rockies shortstop Trevor Story.
Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

OK you guys guess who is usually going to be doing the Saturday night game threads this season here at Purple Row! I'll give you a few hints: (1) he is incredibly good looking (not Connor), (2) he is whip smart (haha SO not Connor), (3) he is probably the best writer the site has ever seen (HA HA HA DEFINITELY NOT CONNOR), and (4) you love following him on Twitter.

It's me, baseball weather expert Bobby DeMuro!

What's that, Bryan? We should talk about the game instead of talking about how I'm better than Connor, or else you're going to fire Connor? Well...

Jorge De La Rosa and Drew Pomeranz are gonna start pitching here in a few minutes. Trevor Story is probably gonna hit two more homers tonight. (I don't know, man!) Walt Weiss is gonna use his bullpen correctly, or not. Let's chat about it. You know what to do. To get you started: how many homers will Story really hit this year? What's realistic at this point, thirty? Forty?