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MLB Draft 2016: Mercer OF Kyle Lewis' power could make him the right pick for the Colorado Rockies

Is Kyle Lewis the right pick for the Colorado Rockies?

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Kyle Lewis staked his claim to the title of best hitter in college early this year with a power surge that shot him all the way to the top tier of draft picks. Though his home run numbers have trailed off in the past month, Lewis' overall production is still quite impressive with a .410/.544/.738 batting line. With the top college pitching not being a good fit for the Rockies this year, Lewis represents the top college prospect that may land with Colorado.

Kyle Lewis' Strengths

Lewis has some legit pop from the right-handed side of the plate. He's hit 18 home runs so far this year, after he hit 17 last year as a sophomore. He generates great bat speed, which should allow him to continue to produce that pop against better pitching, and gets good loft off the bat. Coupled with a great approach at the plate that has resulted in him drawing 61 walks this year, Lewis looks like a sure middle-of-the-order bat.

The rest of Lewis' tools are all above average as well. While he probably won't end up in center field, he has enough arm strength to make a team comfortable about his future in either corner outfield spot. At 6'4, 195 pounds there's still a lot of room for Lewis to add more muscle to his frame which would only augment his power production.

Kyle Lewis' Weaknesses

Lewis has benefited from playing against lesser competition for Mercer, so there is some questions about how good he would have been playing against ACC and SEC level competition on a regular basis like Corey Ray or Nick Senzel did. There has also been a drop-off in power production over the last month that may have worried some, but is more likely a result of pitchers avoiding pitching to him than anything else.

Why the Rockies will draft Kyle Lewis

If Lewis is still available when the Rockies make their selection, he may be a perfect fit for the Rockies. His mature approach from the right side would pair nicely with the Rockies' left-handed outfield prospects already in the system. Lewis has the potential to advance through the minors quickly and make a big impact on arrival similar to Kris Bryant of the Cubs, except Lewis doesn't have the positional concerns that Bryant had.

Why the Rockies won't draft Kyle Lewis

The biggest reason the Rockies won't draft Kyle Lewis is because they won't be able to. There has been speculation connecting Lewis to all three of the teams drafting before the Rockies. Though the Phillies don't seem as likely now, both the Reds and the Braves are still strong possibilities for Lewis. If Lewis does make it past those three teams, there isn't a discernible reason for the Rockies to pass on Lewis unless they simply like another player better available, like Riley Pint or Mickey Moniak.

While I think Lewis is a great fit for the Rockies, I still have to put the likelihood of the Rockies drafting Lewis as low simply because the chances of him making it to the Rockies appears to be quite slim.

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