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2016 MLB Draft order officially announced

The Rockies will pick fourth on June 9 and own three top-45 selections.

Brendan Rodgers, the Rockies first selection in 2015
Brendan Rodgers, the Rockies first selection in 2015
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Major League Baseball released the details for the 2016 first-year player draft today in a press release. The draft will be held at MLB Network's Studio 42 over the course of three days, beginning with the first 77 picks on June 9 at 7 p.m. The draft will be shown on MLB Network and simulcast on before moving exclusively to for the second and third days.

The Rockies will have the fourth overall pick, as well as additional day one selections at 38 (competitive balance round one) and 45. Beginning in Round 3 (after Competitive Balance Round B), Colorado will have the fourth pick in each round through No. 40.

This marks the first time that the team will pick fourth overall. The team used its first round pick last year (third overall) to take high school shortstop Brendan Rodgers.

The Philadelphia Phillies will pick first, and the top three rounds out with the Cincinnati Reds at No. 2 and Atlanta Braves at No. 3. The San Diego Padres have the most day-one selections of any team with five, including three in the first round.

Here's what the first four rounds look like, courtesy of MLB. Keep in mind Rounds 4-40 will be identical in terms of order.

2016 mlb draft order