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MLB Draft 2016: Puerto Rico SS Delvin Perez's glove could make him the right pick for the Colorado Rockies

Is Delvin Perez the right pick for the Rockies?

Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

Delvin Perez is the most talented shortstop in this year's draft. Hailing from Puerto Rico, Perez is often compared to another first round shortstop from Puerto Rico, Carlos Correa. While that may be tempting, other than both being from Puerto Rico, Perez and Correa have as much in common as any two shortstop that are being drafted in the first round.

Unlike last year, where the top three picks were all shortstops, this year's draft is a lot weaker on middle-of-the-infield talent and Perez is probably going to be the only shortstop taken in the top 10 picks. Since the Correa draft, no player from Puerto Rico has gone in the top two rounds; however, Perez looks sure to break that drought.

Delvin Perez's Strengths

Perez has everything that one wants in a good defensive shortstop: soft hands, good footwork, quickness, good instincts, strong arm and fast reaction times. This entire defensive package is what has propelled Perez up to the top of the draft, but there are other things to like as well. Perez has plus athleticism and plus speed that should help him as much on the offensive side of his game as they do the defensive.

With the high value associated with strong defense at shortstop, Perez's glove gives him a relatively high floor for a high-school prospect that will make him a tempting selection.

Delvin Perez's Weaknesses

Perez's bat is well behind his glove and will need a lot of development to become a major-league hitter. While he will probably add some power to his game by adding muscle to his rail-thin 6'3 frame, Perez will have to put the ball in play for that to happen. Perez struggles to hit anything off-speed, which isn't that unusual for a high school prospect, but will definitely need to be fixed. Since Perez is only 17, and won't turn 18 until after his first professional season, there is a lot of reason to hope that the bat should catch up to the glove.

Why the Rockies will draft Delvin Perez

Perez is by far the best middle infield prospect in the draft and has enough tools already to make him a relatively safe pick to have a positive impact at the majors. If the bat does comes around as most suspect, Perez could become one of the top prospects in the game. If the Rockies choose to draft a middle infielder with the fourth overall pick, Perez should be the choice.

Why the Rockies won't draft Delvin Perez

One of the areas that the Rockies have some strength in their system currently is shortstop, and that should prevent them from bypassing a better prospect to draft Perez. At fourth overall, the Rockies should be able to pick a player who already has a well-rounded game and let another team take the chances on developing Perez's bat.

There haven't been any rumors of the Rockies looking to draft another middle infielder at fourth overall. Combined with the fact that Perez probably isn't one of the top four prospect in this draft, I would estimate the chances that the Rockies draft Perez as low.

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