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MLB Draft 2016: Louisville OF Corey Ray's speed could make him the right pick for the Colorado Rockies

Is Corey Ray the right pick for the Rockies?

Brad Barr-USA TODAY Sports

An argument could be made that Corey Ray is the best outfielder in this draft. While Mickey Moniak might have the most upside, and Kyle Lewis the most power, Ray possesses something equally as valuable: success at a higher level of competition.

Competing in the ACC, Ray has improved his overall production each year. Ray has improved his home run, stolen base and walk totals each year. Ray has 15 home runs, 32 extra-base hits and 39 steals while drawing almost as many walks (33) and he has strikeouts (36).

Corey Ray's Strengths

Ray has plus tool across the board. A quick left-handed swing provides both contact and power and he also has a good eye. Ray's plus speed along with the on-base skills makes him look like the ideal lead-off hitter, but he's got sneaky power and would be a legitimate threat to be a 30-30 guy as well. Solid defense across the board though there is doubt's whether or not he would be able to play center field which could decrease his overall value.

Ray has performed well not just in the ACC but also as part of the USA collegiate team, which he led last year with team highs in stolen bases and extra base hits. Expect Ray to move quickly through the lower levels of the minors of whatever team drafts him.

Corey Ray's Weaknesses

From a tool and competition standpoint there aren't any weaknesses in Ray's game. The only possible negative is that Ray doesn't have as high of a ceiling as some of the other outfielders at the top of the draft. However he probably has the highest floor of the bunch to help make up for it.

Why the Rockies will draft Corey Ray

Although Ray has been overshadowed by Moniak and Lewis of late, Ray is still at the top of the outfield board for some teams. The Rockies seem to favor Moniak, but there is a real chance that he might be picked by either the Braves or even the Phillies. Lewis may be gone as well, which means that Ray may be the top position player left on the board when the Rockies pick. If the Rockies aren't comfortable with the prep pitching options, Ray may easily be the choice.

Why the Rockies won't draft Corey Ray

The biggest reason why Ray won't be the drafted by the Rockies would simply be a result of who is picked by the three teams ahead of them. It's not hard to picture scenarios where Ray is the Rockies' favorite player left, but it's also easy to picture scenarios where he's not. There's also a real chance that the Braves make a deal with Ray and draft him third overall.

With the top picks in the draft still in flux less than a week before the draft, it's hard to predict who will be left on the board when the Rockies pick. If Moniak is off the board and Ray is still on it, there's a decent chance that Ray may be the Rockies' pick at fourth overall.

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