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MLB Draft 2016: Our final mock draft of the first 45 picks, from Round 1 to Competitive Balance Round A

In Purple Row's final mock draft, who are the Rockies picking?

Miami Marlins Workout Photo by Rob Foldy/Getty Images

The draft is now less than a week away, so it's time to release our final mock draft of the year. There's still not a lot of certainty in this draft, though the pools of players for each team at the top is shrinking some.

Mattrob and I decided to do this draft very similarly to our last mock draft, alternating picks throughout, but we flipped the order so mattrob was picking first and I was making the even picks.

This is our best attempt at mocking the players to teams who have been connected to them and/or match the profile of player that those teams or front office personal usually draft. Because of that, this isn't a list of the top 45 players in the draft.

First Round

1. Philadelphia Phillies

A.J. Puk, LHP, Florida

Moniak and Rutherford may be in play here as well, but Puk likely cemented his place at the top of the draft with a strong SEC tournament showing in front of a large Phillies contingent.

A.J. Puk Draft Profile

2. Cincinnati Reds

Nick Senzel, 3B, Tennessee

If the Phillies go with one of the high school bats at first overall, Puk probably won't drop any further than the Reds. If Puk is gone, the Reds will go with either Senzel or Lewis, and Senzel might have the edge with his strong finish to the season.

3. Atlanta Braves

Kyle Lewis, OF, Mercer

Lewis appears to have moved to number one on the Braves' board and would be the ideal blend of talent at a position of need. If Lewis is off the board, the Braves will likely go best player available with Pint or Groome.

Kyle Lewis Draft Profile

4. Colorado Rockies

Mickey Moniak, OF, La Costa Canyon HS

While Pint is a personal favorite for us, all the rumors around the Rockies indicate an outfielder, with Moniak being at the top of that list. If Moniak isn't available, the Rockies have been connected the top prep arms as well.

Mickey Moniak Draft Profile

5. Milwaukee Brewers

Delvin Perez, SS, International Baseball Academy

A long-rumored selection, Perez adds tremendous upside to the organization. The Brewers lack top-end pitching talent, making Pint and Groome attractive options as well.

Delvin Perez Draft Profile

6. Oakland Athletics

Corey Ray, OF, Louisville

The A's would love to get Senzel, and if the Reds pass on him he's likely to end up here. Ray may be their consolation prize.

Corey Ray Draft Profile

7. Miami Marlins

Jason Groome, LHP, Barnegat HS

It's difficult to get a read on the Marlins this year, but the current consensus has them looking at prep options. With Kolek now having Tommy John surgery, the Marlins pass on Pint's velocity for the more advanced Groome.

Jason Groome Draft Profile

8. San Diego Padres

Cal Quantrill, RHP, Stanford

Padres have been consistently linked to working out a deal with Quantrill, though there is some debate if it's at this pick as a slot-saving move or later in the draft with one of the compensation picks.

9. Detroit Tigers

Riley Pint, RHP, St Thomas Aquinas HS

The Tigers value velocity and Pint has been clocked as high as 102 mph. If he makes it to this point, he's unlikely to fall further, as there are few better matches in this draft.

Riley Pint Draft Profile

10. Chicago White Sox

Zack Collins, C, Miami

While Collins still has the potential to be drafted much higher as part of an under-slot deal, if those fall apart he'll probably end up somewhere between here and Boston at 12.

11. Seattle Mariners

Blake Rutherford, OF, Chaminade HS

The Mariners are in the market for a bat and with the top college options off the board, Rutherford is the best player remaining.

Blake Rutherford Draft Profile

12. Boston Red Sox

Justin Dunn, RHP, Boston College

Red Sox like to go after college players, and with the top college bats all gone, they chose to go with the local college pitcher who has risen to the top of the college ranks with a strong spring.

13. Tampa Bay Rays

Braxton Garrett, LHP, Florence HS

Garret may go as high as seventh, but the Rays are happy to stop the slide on the polished high school lefty.

14. Cleveland Indians

Josh Lowe, 3B, Pope HS

Indians seem to like high school bats and Lowe's been picking up a lot of momentum. Lowe's name has been appearing all over the draft and he could go anywhere from nine spots higher to 10 spots lower.

15. Minnesota Twins

Dakota Hudson, RHP, Mississippi State

Hudson finished the season strong and offers the best combination of floor and ceiling of any arm available at this point in the draft.

Dakota Hudson Draft Profile

16. Anaheim Angels

Connor Jones, RHP, Virginia

While they have also been connected to some of the prep bats, the Angels need prospects that can reach the major league team fast, and polished college arms are usually the best bet for that. Jones is exactly that.

17. Houston Astros

Zack Burdi, RHP, Louisville

Armed with a 100 mph fastball, there are those who feel he could jump straight to the majors as a bullpen arm down the stretch. For those with more patience, he may be able to transition to the rotation. Either way, he's going to go early for a college reliever.

18. New York Yankees

Will Craig, 3B, Wake Forest

Rumor is that the Yankees are going away from the prep arms and looking for a college bat. Craig bring a big bat from the right side, and could help the Yankees in the corners where they're aging.

19. New York Mets

Matt Thaiss, C, Virginia

With Craig gone, the Mets turn to Thaiss, another advanced college bat with a strong likelihood of ending up at first base as a pro.

20. Los Angeles Dodgers

Cody Sedlock, RHP, Illinois

The Dodgers had a tough first round last year and hope to bounce back this year. They seem to be favoring the college arms and Sedlock is a good one without a lot of mileage on his arm.

21. Toronto Blue Jays

Forrest Whitley, Alamo Heights HS

With a new regime in place, the Jays are difficult to pin down, but are said to be looking at upside arms. Whitley's size and mid-90s fastball make him a nice fit.

22. Pittsburgh Pirates

Alex Kirilloff, OF, Plum Senior HS

Pittsburgh loves talented high school bats and Kirilloff being from Pittsburgh almost makes this too easy. There's a decent chance he doesn't make it this far, but if he does the fall would stop here.

23. St Louis Cardinals

Ian Anderson, RHP, Shenendehowa HS

Anderson may be a tough sign, but with two first round picks, the Cardinals make an aggressive pick of an early top 10 candidate.

Compensation Round

24. San Diego Padres

Matt Manning, RHP, Sheldon HS

Manning has been reported to have some big bonus demands that makes one think he might be going the Daz Cameron route and going into the draft with a prearranged deal with one of the teams that goes under slot early.

25. San Diego Padres

Gavin Lux, SS, Indian Trail Academy

The Padres grab a late riser in Lux, who should be able stay at shortstop and has a well-rounded offensive profile. He may also be cheaper than other high-school options, freeing up bonus money for Manning.

26. Chicago White Sox

T.J. Zeuch, RHP, Pittsburgh

The White Sox are rumored to be looking at college guys in the first round and after getting a bat earlier go for an arm here. Eric Lauer the left-handed pitcher from Kent State may be the pick, but if Zeuch drops this far the White Sox probably won't bypass him.

27. Baltimore Orioles

Nolan Jones, 3B, Holy Ghost Prep

A local prospect, Jones' power potential is too much for the O's to pass on.

28. Washington Nationals

Jordan Sheffield, RHP, Vanderbilt

The Nationals aren't scared of pitchers who have dropped because of injury history as long as the upside is there and Sheffield fits that description perfectly.

29. Washington Nationals

Taylor Trammell, OF, Mount Paran Christian HS

Trammell could easily be gone by this point, but if he's available, the Nationals will have a hard time passing on his speed and upside.

30. Texas Rangers

Will Benson, OF, The Westminster Schools

Rangers always like toolsy high school players and with Trammell going the pick before, Benson is the next best option.

31. New York Mets

Bryan Reynolds, OF, Vanderbilt

With the run on high-school bats, Reynolds is the best player on the board at this point. One of the safer picks this year, Reynolds has average or better tools across the board and can likely stick in CF early in his career.

32. Los Angeles Dodgers

Eric Lauer, LHP, Kent State

Dodgers continue to target college arms with a high-floor lefty to complement the high ceiling arms already in their system.

33. St Louis Cardinals

Alec Hansen , RHP, Oklahoma

The Cardinals gamble that they can harness the big right hander's command. Based on talent alone, he has no business falling this far.

34. St Louis Cardinals

Chris Okey, C, Clemson

The Cardinals may need some slot money to play with after picking up Anderson and Hansen, so they reach down the board a bit but still get the top true catcher talent in the draft.

Competitive Balance Round A

35. Cincinnati Reds

Kyle Muller, LHP, Dallas Jesuit Prep

The Reds go the prep route for an upside arm with their second selection. Muller has the potential to go 10 spots higher, but a deep group of high school arms pushes him down.

36. Los Angeles Dodgers

Drew Mendoza, 3B, Lake Mineola HS

Depending on how much slot money the Dodgers saved on their two college arms, Mendoza might be an option if Los Angeles is confident that they can sign him away from his Florida State commitment. If not, Joe Rizzo might be another option here.

37. Oakland Athletics

Logan Shore, RHP, Florida

The A's place a premium on track record and Shore has been one of the best arms in the country this year. He and Ray could make a quick impact on the major league roster.

38. Colorado Rockies.

Kevin Gowdy, RHP, Santa Barbara HS

After going with the bat early, The Rockies get a prep pitcher that has some of the best control in the draft for a high school pitcher and a good feel for pitching already. It's not just floor though with Gowdy though; there's a lot of projection left in his 6'4 frame that could vault his fastball up into the mid to high 90s.

39. Arizona Diamondbacks

Buddy Reed, OF, Florida

The Diamondbacks have a bottom five bonus pool and need to make this pick count. Reed brings three years of SEC experience and projectable tools in an up the middle defender. His inconsistency at the plate this year is of concern.

40. Atlanta Braves

Joey Wentz, LHP, Shawnee Mission East HS

Braves should have some slot money to play with, which makes them a suspect to be working with one of the players whose stock may have dropped due to bonus demands. Wentz fits that description and gives the Braves a top 20 talent.

41. Pittsburgh Pirates

Robert Tyler, RHP, Georgia

Tyler may be the best remaining talent and brings a heavy fastball to the mix. He may end up as a bullpen piece, but will be given the opportunity to stick as a starter.

Second Round

42. Philadelphia Phillies

Thomas Jones, OF, Laurens HS

This is a likely destination for one of the high bonus demand picks that have been discussed already like Mendoza and Wentz or even Rutherford. Jones has a commitment to Vanderbilt and was also a highly recruited football star, but the Phillies should have plenty of slot money available to get him to sign.

43. Cincinnati Reds

Jared Horn, RHP, Vintage HS

Another promising young arm. The Reds can be more aggressive after the Senzel selection and Horn has the mid-90s fastball to build on.

44. Atlanta Braves

Lucas Erceg, 3B, Menlo College

If the Braves select Wentz earlier, they may need to be saving some more slot money with this pick. Erceg is one of the stranger prospects in the draft as he transferred from Cal to NAIA Menlo before this past season. However he has a good bat and should allow the Braves to save some bonus money.

45. Colorado Rockies

Bo Bichette, 2B, Lakewood HS

The Rockies have done well with infield talent in this range and look to continue the trend this year. Carter Kieboom and Joe Rizzo are possibilities here, as well, but Bichette's power potential and bloodlines give him the slight edge.