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Dunkin' Donuts Park unlikely to be ready for use this season, per report

There has been another speed bump on the Yard Goats road to playing at home.

The Hartford Yard Goats' Dunkin' Donuts Park
A rendering of a completed Dunkin' Donuts Park (Image via Hartford Yard Goats)

The City of Hartford has terminated the contracts of Centerplan Construction and DoNo Hartford LLC., the developers in charge of building Dunkin' Donuts Park. The city received word of yet another delay to construction this week according to Jenn Bernstein. The contractors have already missed two deadlines for substantial completion, most recently May 17.

Last week, the Hartford Stadium Authority met and unanimously ruled to give their executive director all power necessary to get the stadium done as quickly as possible without increasing the city's financial obligation. From there, the decision was made to call on the insurance company in charge of guaranteeing a finished ballpark to step in and investigate claims that the developers have breached their contract with the city as well as whether the developers are capable of completing the project with additional oversight.

The developers are blaming the city for the delays, saying that changes made to the design plans since the project started are what have set them back and pushed them over budget. DoNo Hartford and Centerplan have informed the city that they plan to fight the liquidated damages.

Back in January the developers, DoNo Hartford LLC and Centerplan Cos., made a contract with the City of Hartford and with the Hartford Yard Goats in response to construction delays over the new stadium. Under this agreement, the developers could face a fine of $50,000 for not having the stadium "substantially completed" by May 17. The city also retained the right to terminate the contract of the developers, as well as assess continued fines of $15,000 per day the project wasn't completed, if they missed that deadline. Also part of the January agreement, Yard Goats owner Josh Solomon agreed to pay $2 million worth of overruns. Now that the developers have not made today's deadline he is now under no obligation to make that payment.

We will have more on this story as it continues to develop.