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MLB Draft 2016: Mickey Moniak's five tools could make him the right pick for the Colorado Rockies

Is Mickey Moniak's complete package the right pick for the Rockies?

Jayne Kamin-Oncea-USA TODAY Sports

Four months ago Mickey Moniak was seen a mid-first-round pick. Now he has a legitimate chance to be the first player drafted Thursday. While a lot of the top players in the draft have faltered or dropped under the increased pressure and scrutiny leading up to the draft, Moniak has continued to rise. Moniak has a great combination of tools, projection and athleticism that makes him a tempting pick.

When this series started two weeks, Moniak appeared to be the heavy favorite for the Rockies. That may still be the case, assuming he makes it pass the Phillies who have been increasingly linked with him over the last few days leading up to the draft.

Mickey Moniak's Strengths

While Moniak might develop into the highly desired five-tool player, right now he has three strong carrying tools. His hit tool is his biggest strength and projects as a future 70 grade tool. His defense and speed both grade out well above average as well and should allow him to stay in center field and also be a threat on the bases.

Moniak has plus makeup and has also performed well when facing higher-level competition. He also has great athleticism. Another big strength is his name which receives high marks for being similar to one of baseball's all-time great center fielders.

Mickey Moniak's Weaknesses

Moniak doesn't have a lot of power right now. It's easy to project that it will continue to improve as he physically matures and adds more muscle, but it's not a guarantee. While his arm is good enough for center or left field, it's probably not going to be strong enough for right field either. However, his ability to stay in center field and the rest of his tools makes both of those acceptable weakness and if Moniak can develop plus power, the package become too good to pass.

Why the Rockies will draft Mickey Moniak

It appears that the Rockies like Moniak and may even have him at the top of their draft boards. With the complete package it's easy to see why. Even though the Rockies are already heavy on left-handed hitting outfielders, you don't draft based upon need and instead should be drafting best player available. Moniak might be the best player in this entire draft, so it's easy to see the Rockies pouncing on him should he be available.

Why the Rockies won't draft Mickey Moniak

As stated previously, Moniak to the Rockies seemed like safe money even a week ago. However, this is the most unpredictable draft in recent memory and now the most recent thinking is that Moniak may be drafted first overall by the Phillies. However, if Moniak does make it past the Phillies, there is a good chance he will still be there when the Rockies make their first pick.

The only other reason the Rockies may not draft Moniak is if they covet one of the prep arms more. While unimaginable even a month ago, the Rockies may have their choice of Moniak and both of the top prep arms in the draft, Riley Pint and Jason Groome. If that situation does happen, the Rockies may choose one of those arms over Moniak.

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