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Our Pokémon Go guide for in and around Coors Field

Gotta catch ‘em all!

San Francisco Giants v Colorado Rockies
There are two Pokemon GO Pokestops in this photo.
Photo by Doug Pensinger/Getty Images

Pokémon GO is the mobile game sweeping the nation, much as the franchise it was inspired by did 15 years ago. It turns out you can play the game anywhere. It also turns out that Coors Field and its surrounding areas are a part of anywhere. You can catch a pocket monster while also trying to catch a foul ball.

On my most recent visit to Coors Field this weekend, I decided, as many people in many places have lately, to pull out my phone and see what I could find in Pokémon GO.

As it turns out, Coors Field, and LoDo in general, is a great place to play the game. There are no less than six Pokéstops in and around the ballpark, plus many more Pokestops and gyms in the surrounding area.

The best place to start your Pokémon adventure at the ballpark is right outside home plate, as the gate itself is a Pokéstop, as is the statue of “The Player” just outside. There are also Pokéstops at two other gates: one at the first base gate and one at the neon sign of the player sliding at the right field gate.

Once you make it into the park, there are a pair of Pokéstops in rather unexpected places. One is at the mural on the concourse in straight away center field and another at the playground in the left field corner.

You can also catch Pokémon in and around Coors Field. In addition to the standard Pidgeys and Rattatas that I’ve been finding all over the place, I was able to find a Meowth, Drowzee and Mankey on my way out of the game. Unfortunately, I was unable to find a Geodude, Rhyhorn or any of the Rock-type Pokémon I thought I might be able to find at a Rockies game.

In addition to what you can find at Coors Field, there are also plenty of gyms and Pokéstops within a few block radius of the stadium, so if you didn’t get a foul ball or that batting practice home run, you can still go out there before or after the game and catch ‘em all.

If you’ve played Pokémon GO at Coors Field, or any other ballparks, feel free to share your experiences and photos in the comments.