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Rockies trade rumors: New York Mets, Chicago White Sox have needs Colorado could fill

The New York Mets and Chicago White Sox should check in with the Rockies to cover some of their needs.

MLB: Colorado Rockies at Los Angeles Dodgers Richard Mackson-USA TODAY Sports

With the All-Star break ending and the trade deadline a little over two weeks away, teams that want to say in contention for a playoff spot are starting to reevaluate their teams and identify possible needs.

While we are still unsure whether or not the Rockies will be sellers at this deadline, their position in the Wild Card standings probably makes it a wise decision unless they start the second half of the season with a bang. So it is definitely worthwhile to evaluate these contenders’ needs and see if the Rockies may have a match.

New York Mets are looking for a reliever

The New York Post is reporting that the New York Mets are in the market for relievers. Despite their possible need for starting pitching help after injuries have weakened their once formidable rotation and their need for more consistent offense, an additional bullpen arm seems to be the Mets’ priority before the deadline.

The Rockies have an interesting collection of bullpen arms that may be available. and could be a match not just for the Mets but for any contender looking to add a reliever.

  • Boone Logan will be a free agent after this season and is having an outstanding rebound season. As a dominant LOOGY, Logan would be a nice addition to almost any contender.
  • Jake McGee has struggled with the Rockies, but his pedigree may be enough to entice a team to take a chance that Coors Field is his biggest problem.
  • Jason Motte has had mixed results this year, but has proven that he is healthy and still able to get strikeouts (9 K/9).
Chicago White Sox are in need of a center fielder

The Chicago White Sox, uncertain of Austin Jackson’s return, are looking into new center field options, according to Ken Rosenthal. While Adam Eaton is an option for them, the White Sox might want to keep him in a corner spot and find more of a true center fielder.

If he’s actually on the market, Charlie Blackmon may be the best center field option available. With two additional years of control beyond this year, Blackmon may bring back a decent haul in any trade as he can play center field while providing a plus bat that fits almost anywhere in a lineup.

There hasn’t been anything linking either of these teams and their needs to the Rockies, but they haven’t been linked to any team as of yet either. As the trade deadline gets closer we’ll get a better idea of whether these teams actually are a match for the Rockies as well as whether the Rockies will actually be selling.