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Purple Dinosaur Podcast No. 80: Tyler Matzek, Dom Nunez, Forrest Wall and more

And also, Bobby.

Bobby DeMuro is one of the scribes at noted Rockies $hill site Purple Row, and he was so kind as to join us for the 80th edition of this noted Rockies $hill podcast. Inside, you'll find all kinds of goodies about the Modesto Nuts, like Tyler Matzek's journey through rediscovering himself, top prospects such as Dom Nunez and Forrest Wall, and more. Plus, Bobby reveals if he'd rather fight 100 duck-sized Anthonys or one Anthony-sized duck and answers the question that spawned the headline to this episode.

After visiting with Bobby, we dive into a topic we've been teasing for a bit. Rockies fans exist outside of Colorado (really!) and even outside the United States (seriously!). We had some of those brave souls tell us why they'd subject themselves to the torture of being fans of this team, and their stories are pretty awesome.