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Rockies outfielder Charlie Blackmon quietly keeps on hitting — even away from Coors Field

News on the Rockies for Sunday, July 17, 2016.

Richard Mackson-USA TODAY Sports

Road warrior: Blackmon hitting away from Coors —

Charlie Blackmon is a damn good centerfielder, and it's going to be very interesting to see the path the Rockies take the next couple weeks — especially when you consider what the outside demand for him might be, and how well David Dahl has been doing down in Triple-A Albuquerque.

Parra progressing but no timetable for return —

We'll have more as soon as we learn what's up with any potential rehab assignment on which the Rockies may send Gerardo Parra. For now, they are going to be without their recently-signed free agent left fielder for at least a little while longer.

Rosenthal’s Latest: Yankees, Marlins, Rays, Rockies, Braves — MLB Trade Rumors

A few things in this MLBTR piece; first, you can watch the videos that spawned this piece here and here. Also, there's this:

The Rockies don’t seem overly motivated to trade Carlos Gonzalez and have passed on opportunities to do so, Rosenthal says. Gonzalez’s contract runs through 2017, coinciding with the end of GM Jeff Bridich’s deal, and Rosenthal implies it might be in Bridich’s best interest to keep Gonzalez around to increase the Rockies’ chances of being competitive until then.


Trevor Story will be the second-half MVP — Rox Pile

Love the Pile, baby. Love the Pile.

Tom Murphy’s Triple-A hot streak has caught Rockies’ attention — Denver Post

Coinciding with David Dahl's promotion to Triple-A, Tom Murphy has absolutely caught fire. Does this force the Rockies hand? Do they move veteran Nick Hundley before the trade deadline and start a two-catcher system with Murphy and Tony Wolters? Guess we'll see.