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Rockies starting pitcher Tyler Chatwood to return Tuesday

Rockies news and links for July 2, 2016.

MLB: San Francisco Giants at Colorado Rockies Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

Tyler Chatwood, the Rockies’ ace, eager to rejoin rotation | The Denver Post

Patrick Saunders notes that Tyler Chatwood will make his return to the rotation on Tuesday night. And, Saunders notes, Chatwood can't wait to get back into major-league competition. He also indicated that he worked on his changeup while on rehab.

Rockies' Tyler Chatwood tweaks changeup during rehab |

Thomas Harding reports that Chatwood has done more than just polish his changeup while on rehab. Specifically, he's been using a new grip and has begun throwing it to righties.

Rockies' Jorge De La Rosa continues to improve |

The Rockies' loss last night had little to do with starting pitcher Jorge De La Rosa. Indeed, De La Rosa has been very good since returning to the starting rotation. Thomas Harding talks to him about his comfortable return. He also notes that De La Rosa's opinion didn't change regarding balk that was called on him in the seventh inning. He doesn't believe it was a balk. From my perspective, balks can be placed into two categories: 10 percent that I can see and 90 percent that I can't. The one called on him last night fell squarely in the 90 percent.

Kiszla vs. Groke: Can these Rockies make the playoffs? Playoffs?! | The Denver Post

Mark Kiszla and Nick Groke agree that, on a postseason likelihood scale from 1-10 and 10 being most likely, the Rockies are a three. The second wild card makes the postseason seem tantalizingly close for a lot of teams, and the Rockies are included. As of now, the team is five games behind the second wild card spot. However, there are three teams ahead of the Rockies, and there is a greater distance between the Rockies and the second Wild Card spot as there is between the Rockies and the Padres, who are 8.5 games off pace but are tenth in the Wild Card race. Reframing the question and asking about the odds the Rockies make the postseason given the competition, it's probably below five percent. And yet, there should be a lot of satisfaction about how well the team is playing and what that means for future contention—just not this year.

Tyler Matzek Inching Way Back to Pitching Promise | The Denver Post

Irv Moss spoke with Tyler Matzek about his progress lately. Matzek appears optimistic that he's taking control of the anxiety that derailed him in 2015. On the mound, Matzek is pitching solely from the stretch. His initial outings for High-A Modesto were measured by the batter, but now they're being measured by the inning. Matzek—who, let's remember, is just 25—looks to be a long ways away from returning to the major-league club, but it's great to hear positive assessments from him and his coaches.