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MLB trade deadline, top Rockies prospects the subjects of latest Purple Dinosaur Podcast

Our very own Chris Jackson (a.k.a. TopesWriter) joins the show to talk about Jeff Hoffman, David Dahl and Tom Murphy. Plus, Rockies deadline strategy discussion and much more.

Nearing August, the Colorado Rockies are falling out of any sort of meaningful conversation in the 2016 season, which is basically what we all expected. But hey, that's not necessarily a bad thing.

In the 81st edition of the Purple Dinosaur Podcast, Anthony and Tyler break down what a selling mindset could mean for the Rockies as the MLB non-waiver trade deadline approaches on Aug. 1. Plus, Purple Row's Chris Jackson joins the show from Albuquerque, and the guys go long discussing highly regarded Rox prospects Jeff Hoffman, David Dahl, Tommy Murphy, and much more.

Also, we explain where the term "bush league" came from, just because we can, and discuss just how ugly the seasons have been for the only two teams currently sitting below the Rockies in the National League West standings.