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Rockies prospect David Dahl called up, should debut tonight

Rockies news and links for July 24, 2016.

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Colorado Rockies call up OF David Dahl, per reports | Purple Row

The Rockies have called up top prospect David Dahl. Dahl will be with the club in Baltimore, and he should debut tonight. It might not have been the plan to promote Dahl to the majors so soon, but a Triple-A OPS around 1.400 has a way of forcing the team's hand. The Rockies designated Brandon Barnes for assignment to make room for Dahl. There could be more transactions coming though. Dahl is a center fielder, but with Charlie Blackmon and Carlos González around, he's more likely to play left field for the time being.

The Call-Up: David Dahl | Baseball Prospectus

Baseball Prospectus offers a brief overview of Dahl's history with the Rockies' franchise as well as a scouting report of Dahl's many baseball tools. They note that Dahl will likely play left field for the time being, "which is sort of a waste" due to Dahl's center field acumen. The primary concern here is the strikeouts, but those can be minimized with adjustments. In sum: "The upside is a first-division centerfielder who can be a 20/30 player. The floor is a quality bench bat that can provide some pop and competent defense at all three outfield positions. You could do a heck of a lot worse."

What To Expect: David Dahl |

Baseball America provides a scouting report of David Dahl. Like BP, they suggest that strikeouts are the primary concern with Dahl. His plate discipline and pitch recognition will be the two most important things to look for when watching Dahl this week.

Rockies prospect rankings: No. 2 David Dahl can make Coors Field a home for years to come | Purple Row

Check out Dahl's most recent PuRP write-up from February of this year.

Rockies prospect rankings: No. 2 David Dahl's stock holding steady despite injury filled season | Purple Row

Also check out the one before the most recent, from August 2015.

David Dahl’s calculated aggression leads to power surge | Purple Row

In May, while still a member of the Yard Goats, Dahl spoke with Purple Row's Isaac Marks about the approach at the plate that had led to more power. That approach has held throughout his brief time in Albuquerque.

40-Man Ladder: To Trade or Not to Trade | Rockies Zingers

Ryan Hammon at Rockies Zingers is back with an update of his 40-man roster ranking based on trade value. It's an exercise that orders the club based on ability as well as team control and other contractual details. Spoiler: Nolan Arenado has the most trade value and Chad Qualls the least.

But the first and last players aren't going to get traded this season for opposite reasons. The most compelling question is who should and will be moved. After considering the buy-sell spectrum from the perspectives of passion and dispassion, Ryan concludes that the Rockies won't necessarily increase their chances of winning a World Series if they blow it up and trade DJ LeMahieu, Charlie Blackmon, Carlos González, et al. This is well worth a read.

2016 MLB Trade Deadline: The other Rockies OF contenders should be after |

Purple Row has been beating this drum for a bit now: Charlie Blackmon is quite possibly the most valuable player that the Rockies would be willing to trade, including Carlos González. R.J. Anderson dives into why, and the reasons include Blackmon's ability to handle center field and lead-off admirably. More specifically, Anderson points to Blackmon's increased plate discipline over the past three seasons (which is another drum we've beaten), which is evidence of his maturity as a player.

Two months after horrific beaning, Ryan Vogelsong eyes a new start | FOX Sports

Ken Rosenthal has an in depth article about Ryan Vogelsong's return from getting hit in the head by a Jordan Lyles fastball in May. You'll remember it as a scary moment on the field. The pitch hit Vogelsong near his left eye, and at the moment it happened he and others feared that he would lose his eyesight, if not his eye. It turns out, however, that he recovered his vision fairly quickly. Improbably, he's on a rehab assignment now and should return to the Pirates' pitching staff next month.

The piece does not cast Lyles, who was optioned to Triple-A the day after the event, in a positive light. First, it sounds like Lyles made contact with Vogelsong for the very first time just this past weekend, and it was only after Lyles got word of criticisms from Vogelsong that appear in this story. Vogelsong told Rosenthal that he received text messages from multiple members of the Rockies shortly after he was hit, though he didn't hear from Lyles. For Lyles's part, he indicates that he attempted to get the Rockies training staff to communicate his concern, which is how Albert Pujols made contact with Lyles after a Pujols line drive hit Lyles in the hand and drove him from a 2015 start. Evidently, those attempts didn't do much.

Vogelsong was also critical of Lyles's decision to go up and in against him. If you recall, the bases were loaded and the beaning resulted in a run for the Pirates. Lyles went up and in against a pitcher with an 0-2 count. Vogelsong doesn't accuse Lyles of hitting him intentionally, but he does believe Lyles was careless in his pitch selection.