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Rockies star rookies Jon Gray, David Dahl the main subjects of latest Purple Dinosaur Podcast

Baseball Prospectus' Craig Goldstein joins Tyler and Anthony to discuss Rockies rookies and prospects, plus a whole bunch of other stuff.

Last season, the Colorado Rockies won their 49th game to pull within 21 games of an even record at 49-70. Last night, they won their 49th to pull to 49-52. Progress is here, and its name is Jon Gray. Actually Jon Gray is just one of many pieces, and we'll discuss his ace-like performance for 2016, David Dahl, the Rockies' successes in pitching -- and winning -- on the road this season and much more in the 82nd edition of the Purple Dinosaur Podcast.

PLUS, Craig Goldstein of Baseball Prospectus joins the show. We talk a bit of Dahl, a bit of Brendan Rodgers, a bit of Jeff Hoffman, and a whole hell of a lot more that has nothing to do with baseball in our longest PDP interview ever. Come for the analysis, stay for the riveting coverage of '90s sitcom crossovers, a stirring game of "Which Golden Girl Are You?" and Anthony's surprising knowledge of boy bands.