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Colorado Rockies activate Jake McGee, designate Yohan Flande for assignment

Godspeed, Yohan. If this is the end, I'll miss you. May we meet again soon in better circumstances.

Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

Rockies activate McGee, DFA Flande —

Vaya con dios, Yohan. Perhaps you go back to Albuquerque. Perhaps you're claimed and head elsewhere. Whatever the case, there's no arguing Flande's been a solid contributor during some dark times for the pitching staff the last couple years. Wish him the best. If this is it... hey, we'll cross the bridge when we come to it. The Yohan Flande Fan Club shall live on forever, regardless.

Side note: Jake's gotta get right if the Rockies are serious about being serious; let's hope Saturday is more the exception than the rule going forward.

How the Rockies have performed through the first half of 2016 — Denver Post

As the tag line in that post goes, "Mediocrity may be better than hopelessness, but it’s still treading water." Tru dat, boi.

Out of the park and rec! Aubrey Plaza pitches the ceremonial first ball as the LA Dodgers take on the Colorado Rockies — Daily Mail

The Rockies made Daily Mail! The Rockies made Daily Mail!

Ok but seriously, you have to at least acknowledge this unbelievable opening line about celeb Aubrey Plaza throwing out the first pitch at the Rockies-Dodgers game on Friday night:

Playing a recreational ball game in a park is right up her alley.

Um... come again?

Rockies encouraged by De La Rosa's upswing —

And so am I! As Chad Bettis struggles, Jordan Lyles fades, Tyler Chatwood returns from injury, and Eddie Butler/Chris Rusin/whomever does whatever it is they do, it's nice to have back in the mix the greatest pitcher in the history of Coors Field, regardless of where they might be even a month from now when a certain prospect or two rises to the big leagues. Welcome back, Jorge!