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Carlos Gonzalez trade rumors, Trevor Story Final Vote snub the subjects of Purple Dinosaur Podcast No. 79

Tyler and Anthony dive into CarGo rumors, Story's All-Star snub, Tyler Anderson and Adam Ottavino in the latest episode.

We recorded a really good version of this episode today until we got finished with it and realized that the recording didn't work. So what you're getting is the shorter, probably not-quite-as-good edition of this week's edition of the Purple Dinosaur Podcast. Consider yourselves lucky.

JUST KIDDING, we've got a ton on the show for you this week, our first episode back after a three-week hiatus due to Anthony getting engaged and then leaving the country without his fiancee becuase he's sweet like that. Inside, we talk about Trevor Story's predictable All-Star Game snub because the Final Vote is stupid, Carlos Gonzalez's trade demand meeting that never occurred, Tyler Anderson's historic start, Adam Ottavino's remarkable return from Tommy John surgery, and much more.

We spent like six hours recording this nonsense today to bring you an hour's worth of beautiful, sweet content. So enjoy! Hope it doesn't suck for you. But, as always, we make no guarantees.