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Rockies fans underwhelmed by team front office, according to survey

Fans place Rockies 21st among MLB front offices in recent MLB Daily Dish poll.

Milwaukee Brewers v Colorado Rockies Photo by Doug Pensinger/Getty Images

Rockies fans may approve of the job the front office is doing, but compared to the rest of the league, there is still some trepidation about General Manger Jeff Bridich and company.

In a survey run by MLB Daily Dish last week fans were asked one simple question: How confident are you in your general manager and his front office team? They were rated on a five-point scale (with 5 being very confident, 4 being confident, 3 being neither confident not unconfident, 2 being unconfident, and 1 meaning very unconfident) and averaged to come up with a composite score. They also asked fans to provide an open response explaining their score; in the initial post MLBDD chose a representative response.

A grand total of 3,343 fans participated in total, with 47 Rockies fans casting their thoughts, leaving the team at the bottom third of the league at 21. From the piece:

21. Colorado Rockies – 3.4

“The Rockies are a crossroads. They are methodically improving their starting pitching and moving young talent through the system (Estevev, Dahl, Story). They still have some glaring deficiencies - while their defensive prowess is generally high their numerous baserunning gaffes and miscues on a daily basis are inexcusable for a major league team. Bridich still seems to be stuck with the itch to go for broken down relievers on the trashheap and manage to Overpay for them (Logan, McGee, Motte, Qualls). This is a vestige of the Dan O'Dowd area that needs to be purged. Mismanagement of the admittedly spotty bullpen has been endemic with Weiss at the helm. He has also been consistently outmaneuvered.” - anonymous

We ran our own poll on August 2 asking an even simpler form of the question: “Do you approve of the job Rockies GM Jeff Bridich is doing?” After more than 700 votes, Purple Row readers approved of the job by a wide margin, 79 percent in favor.

So what’s the disconnect? Surely there is some lingering discontentment over the lack of success of the previous regime. After all, despite how well the minor league system has been built up, the team hasn’t actually accomplished anything yet. Further, as Ryan Freemyer pointed out earlier, this front office seems to be continuing the trend of having one foot in and one foot out.

The MLBDD survey shows that the feelings toward the front office are generally favorable (only five teams were below 3.0), which is in line with our survey. But, as the anyonmous commenter points out, the team is at a crossroads. The next few seasons will prove whether confidence in the front office is warranted or not.