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Carlos Gonzalez hits 200th career home run, Ottavino's streak ends at 37

Rockies links and news, Happy Sunday!

They didn't have any pictures on Getty of CarGo's 200th, so here's one that helped him get there.
They didn't have any pictures on Getty of CarGo's 200th, so here's one that helped him get there.
Russell Lansford/Getty Images

Carlos Gonzalez reaches milestone in Rockies victory over Nationals | Denver Post

Carlos Gonzalez hit his 200th career home run with his 23rd of the year in yesterday afternoon's grind of a game against the Nationals. It was good for two of the Rockies' five runs scored in the inning to help propel them to just their second extra-innings win of the season. And while CarGo appreciates the significance of his accomplishment, it's his contribution to the Rockies' win that he values most. Also of note in the game was the return of DJ LeMahieu after a short absence due to inflammation in his wrist. The second baseman reclaimed his spot at the top of the NL batting race with a 3-for-5 day at the plate. He is now batting .347 with 10 homers and 50 RBI.

Ottavino's scoreless-games streak snapped | MLB

Jayson Werth's ninth inning RBI single brought Ottavino's streak to an end, with the latter having tossed 31 1/3 scoreless innings over 37 games. That run was the only run that the Rockies bullpen allowed over six innings after having been shelled for 13 over seven in the Rockies' previous three games.

Rockies manager could be new Diamondbacks skipper | Arizona Sports

There's some talk of the possibility that Walt Weiss may end up in Arizona if the Diamondbacks and Rockies decide to part ways with their managers. Weiss, who is in the last year of his contract, has ties to Tony La Russa and Dave Stewart, having played for the Diamondbacks' chief baseball officer and alongside its general manager.

Why Can't the Colorado Rockies Beat the Bad Teams? | Rox Pile

Interesting question, and I think it really comes down to mindset. Contending teams in most professional sports put the minnows away, they take care of business against the bad teams. Obviously contenders don't have perfect win rates against bad teams, but generally they're able to get it done. Is that because contending teams just have better players? Maybe, but plenty of teams have the talent and just can't do anything with it (e.g. Chelsea F.C. last year). I think it's coaching, personally.

Colorado Rockies: Rate the Rockies Bullpen, Part 2 | Rox Pile

Here's one from Rox Pile that's supposed to read like a game show? I think it's sort of facetiously bemoaning how bad our bullpen generally is. But anyway, you can find the first section here and follow the link above for the most recent iteration.

Stop asking Nolan Arenado about Manny Machado and Kris Bryant | ESPN

Nolan Arenado features in ESPN's Burning Questions with Doug Padilla, discussing things from his favorite player growing up to his most underrated teammate.