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Tyler Chatwood to make rehab start tonight for Double-A Hartford

Rockies news and links for Monday August 28, 2016.

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Tyler Chatwood should make final rehab start |

Thomas Harding reports that Tyler Chatwood will make a rehab start tonight for Double-A Hartford. He's limited to either five innings or 75 pitches, whichever comes first. As of now, the Rockies' rotation is full, with Jonathan Gray, Jeff Hoffman, Tyler Anderson, Jorge De La Rosa, and Chad Bettis filling the five spots. It's not clear who he'd replace.

One possibility might be Hoffman. Hoffman might get shut down before the season is out. He's thrown 128.2 innings total this season. He threw 104 in 2015, so he's already worked more than he has in the past. He might only have three or four starts left before he shuts down. Chatwood will probably be ready before then though. It's not clear what will happen.

Sunday Notes: Jessica Mendoza, Stubby Clapp, Strahm, McGuire, more | FanGraphs Baseball

In his Sunday installment, David Laurila has an illuminating interview with ESPN color commentator Jessica Mendoza. In particular, she goes into her pre-game preparation (including reading sites like Beyond the Box Score), as well as the balance that has to be struck with data and analysis and a casual viewing audience. Mendoza: "I get really, really nerdy and want to dive into a lot of numbers. If I start throwing out vertical and horizontal movements, a lot of people won't be into that. But we can be more visual."

ROOT has used more advanced statistics this season, but they haven't always been well deployed. The on-air conversations about things like FIP, for instance, betray discomfort. Perhaps things would smooth out by turning to visuals. ROOT has had a pretty good season on the air. I wouldn't recommend improvement by integrating more advanced statistics; instead, I'd suggest refining the delivery of the ones they have already introduced.