Extend Walt Weiss

Yeah, I know, but at least hear me out first before you comment. I've been a Rox fan since day one, and we have had 6 different managers during that period, and none of them ended up with a winning record. This is probably just homerism on my part, but although many of our teams have looked good 'on paper', it seems to me that we have underperformed more often than not. It can't always just be the manager's fault.

My arguments to keep him around another year include:

⦁ Whodathunk we would be over .500 in August, even briefly, seriously? And we haven't tanked completely despite some tough injuries. Winning games once in a while this time of year is a welcome change.

⦁ Our rookie players have all hit the ground running, and hitting and pitching too. Making the kids feel at home in the big show is a big part of his job.

⦁ We haven't had any major clubhouse issues or player unrest that I've heard of, and I don't think he or any manager can be held responsible for off-field behavior.

⦁ We just won a big series in Washington, and the season matchup. My brother is a big Nats fan so that pleases me to no end.

The biggest knock I hear on him is that he is "too soft" on players. I'm sorry kids, but the days when you sat out and ran extra laps for making a mental error on the field are over, and it's a good thing. I don't think anyone likes working for a boss who calls you out in public when you err. These are adults, and it's not boot camp.

And micro-managing his game day decisions is a fools game, as we don't have access to the same information that he does. It could be that he didn't bring in reliever X because the bullpen coach said his stuff sucked, or he was throwing up all night, and not just that Walt's a complete idiot. And many day-to-day injuries may be unreported, but are still crucial to making the right call. Some days you gamble and lose, but that's a part of the game.

I guess my point is that I don't have high expectations that a change in management is the piece of the puzzle that will put this team over the top. We have the 19th highest payroll in the MLB, so we have to rely on clubhouse chemistry to even the field a bit. This is his first managerial job, and I'd like to see him have a chance to grow with the team. Unlike many of the retread options out there, he could still have an upside.

PS: If we let him go, how much you wanna bet he leads his next team to the playoffs?

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