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Rockies, Carlos Gonzalez have discussed long-term extension, per report

Could the Rockies try to lock up their iconic star outfielder beyond 2017, when his current deal expires?

Isaiah J. Downing-USA TODAY Sports

The Colorado Rockies have discussed the possibility of a contract extension with outfielder Carlos Gonzalez, according to Denver radio personality Les Shapiro (via Mile High Sports).

Gonzalez, who entered Wednesday's doubleheader hitting .305/.355/.534, doesn't want to sign a short-term deal and wants to "retire a Rockie," Shapiro said on The Afternoon Drive on 1340 AM Mile High Sports. Shapiro threw out an annual figure of $25 million for CarGo, who has amassed 2.5 WAR through 121 games this season.

CarGo has been worth approximately $36 million total over the last two seasons -- and more than $160 million in his career -- according to Fangraphs' dollar-per-win model. While it's rare that teams ever get their money's worth when signing a player in his 30s to a long-term deal, it should be noted that what a player has done -- not necessarily what he will do -- plays a large part in most contract negotiations.

Perhaps the $25 million figure thrown out by Shapiro is a little high, but if the Rockies can sign CarGo to a deal of around eight years and $160 million ($20 million AAV), it would reward the player for his production in prior years while remaining relatively team friendly in baseball's current landscape.

UPDATE (7:03 p.m. MT): CarGo says he hasn't been contacted by the club regarding a contract extension, per Venezuelan baseball reporter Rafael Rojas Cremonesi.