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The Rockies are bad against bad teams and the rookie pitchers are hitting a wall

It will all be OK! Right?

After a couple weeks away, the Purple Dinosaur Podcast returns to talk Colorado Rockies baseball and finds itself stunned that the Rockies have only gone 9-10 since the last episode of this podcast. That's strange because it feels like they've gone 0-the century.

This week, we're back to talk about Colorado's continued struggles against bad teams with Episode 87 coming on the heels of a thrilling three-day head-bashing at Arizona. We'll also discuss the rookie wall pitchers like Jon Gray, Tyler Anderson, and Jeff Hoffman appear to be hitting -- and why that's not necessarily a bad thing.

Walt Weiss is also on the docket this week. Will the Rockies skipper make it through the 2016 offseason as the Rockies skipper? Also, did you know he coached at a high school before taking this big league managerial job? It's true!

Finally, we'll take some #AskPDP questions, but none of you really took your assignment with those seriously this week. You've really just disappointed us and everyone around you. Just kidding, love you.