Who pitches well in Coors Field?

The Brewers have a 2.33 ERA vs the Rockies this year. Cardinals have a 3.33 ERA on the same line. (

This information is haphazard as it includes both away and home games v the Rockies. What I am looking to discuss is relevant statistics solely on away teams pitching performance in Coors Field. I can't seem to find a sortable statistic to find this split.

[Let this statistic be brought forth!]

And then lets sign these guys. in 20+ years of being a fan, pitching has and always will remain the thorn in the Rockies side. The Rockies tried once with big name signings of Denny Neagle and Mike Hampton . . and have never tried that route again. Let's bring in a guy who has pitched well in the past at Coors and see what magic he can bring to the team. Development can only go so far and I don't think can ever develop fully into 5 competent starters in the same season.

Thoughts? Just trying to put some more W's in the Rockies future.

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