Are we really saying goodbye to Jorge?

Here's the deal: it seems like everyone has written off Jorge De La Rosa from the Rockies. He hasn't been very good this year, so I don't blame you.

But what if I told you that there is a scenario in which we didn't have to say goodbye to our long-time partner in crime?

No, JDLR should not be in our rotation next year. I can't foresee a universe in which he is a better fit for the rotation than any of the following: Jon Gray, Jeff Hoffman, Tyler Anderson, Tyler Chatwood, German Marquez, Chat Bettis, Kyle Freeland, Harrison Musgrave, etc. We have depth in the rotation now; isn't it exciting?

Do you know where we don't have depth? I'll tell you where: the bullpen.

When Jorge was banished to the bullpen earlier this year, he took advantage of the opportunity. After initial struggles, he actually showed signs of being able to succeed. However, he returned to the rotation before we could see what he could do out of the bullpen.

We're about to lose Boone Logan. Given his success this year, especially at a mile high, he will probably get paid well - and not by the Rockies. What other left handed pitcher has had great success in a Rockies uniform - hmmm?

No, I can't guarantee that JDLR would want to come back as a reliever. But here's the thing: he signed an extension with the Rockies two years ago without testing free agency. Why? Because he likes to pitch for Colorado. He sees it as his home. Don't you think he might recognize he may be in need of reinventing his career anyway? Why not do it in purple?

Here's what I like about this idea: when the Rockies get hit with injuries, he'll be a satisfactory fill in. When the Rockies don't have injuries, they have left-handed depth in the bullpen. If we know anything about the Rockies bullpen, we know they can never have enough depth.

So why not offer the best Rockies pitcher in history an opportunity to stick with the Rockies as a bullpen piece? If he says no, so be it - that's on him. But if he says yes, how great would it be if he could pitch for the next Rockies playoff team in a high-leverage situation and be able to pump his fist in victory as the confetti falls from the stands of Coors Field?

A guy can dream can't he?

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