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Jorge De La Rosa's legacy, Nolan Arenado's MVP candidacy the subjects of latest Purple Dinosaur Podcast

Why we should be OK with the strong possibility of Jorge De La Rosa leaving, plus say goodbye to the Nuts and to Nolan Arenado's MVP chances because voters are bad.

Jorge De La Rosa's days as a Colorado Rockies pitcher are likely done. So are those of the High-A Modesto Nuts as a Rockies affiliate on the farm. First, we discuss DLR's complicated legacy. For nine seasons, he's been the Rockies' most consistent presence on the mound and has done things at Coors Field that no other pitcher has accomplished. Yet at 35, he leaves a Rockies team with a pitching staff full of young prospects eyeing the future. We break down what he's meant in Colorado and what the next chapter means for Rockies pitchers behind him.

This week, we also look at the future composition Rockies' farm system. Now out of Modesto, does Colorado look for a return to the Carolina League?

Plus, Nolan Arenado should be in the MVP conversation. He won't win it, but he should be in the discussion, at least. Anthony explains why.