Post season Bearly 100.

This was tough. I really liked the top 85 especially as I was getting into the 40s and 50s and seeing some of my favorites still on the board it was like crazy. I just hope that this is a starting point for discussions that lead up to the winter PuRP list in December. Let me know who should be on my top 30 that I left off and why. I can always change my mind and usually do with input.

1 Hoffman SP AAA
2 Rodgers SS A
3 Pint SP R
4 Tapia OF AAA
5 Marquez SP AAA
6 McMahon 3B AA
7 Murphy C AAA
8 Senzatela SP AA
9 Freeland SP AAA
10 Lambert SP A
11 Wall 2B A+
12 Nunez C A+
13 Castellani SP A+
14 Almonte SP AA
15 Howard SP AA
16 Patterson OF AAA
17 Hampson SS SS
18 Musgrave SP AAA
19 French SP A+
20 Hill SP A
21 Nikorak SP R
22 Montano OF DSL
23 P. Gonzalez OF R
24 Carrizales OF AA
25 Nevin 3B Inj
26 Tyler SP SS
27 Medina SP SS
28 Julio SP SS
29 Santos SP SS
30 Cardullo OF MLB
31 Ja. Diaz RP MLB
32 Ocando SP DSL
33 Wynkoop SP A+
34 H. Rodriguez SP/RP A+
35 Noguero SP IS
36 Olivares SP DSL
37 Carasiti RP MLB
38 Valaika IF AAA
39 Balog SP AA
40 Saldana SS DSL
41 Jiminian RP AA
42 Bowden RP A
43 Justo RP A
44 Moll RP AAA
45 Thomas OF AA
46 R Hererra OF AA
47 Rabago C A
48 Estrada SP DSL
49 George IF A
50 Ramos 1B A+
51 Mundell 1B A
52 Carle SP/RP AAA
53 Jemiola SP AA
54 Vasto RP AA
55 Hilliard OF A
56 Flemer SP AAA
57 Prime 1B AA
58 C. Herrera SS A+
59 Gomez SS R
60 Blandin OF IS
61 Abreu OF SS
62 Rogers OF A+
63 Daza OF A+
64 Welker 3B R
65 Guevara C DSL
66 Grullart OF DSL
67 Killian SP A
68 Guillen RP A
69 Marte C A
70 Tinoco SP A
71 Amarista SP DSL
72 Cabrera SP DSL
73 Guzman SP/RP R
74 Jo. Diaz C R
75 Bosiokovic 1B SS
76 Eusebio SP SS
77 L. Castro IF SS
78 A. Garcia SP IS
79 Blanco SP IS
80 Culbreth SP R
81 W. Jones 3B SS
82 Requina SP R
83 Quintana SP R
84 Melendez OF R
85 Marcelino OF DSL
86 R. Gonzalez RP AA
87 Polonco RP A+
88 White OF A+
89 Tauchman OF AAA
90 J. Fernandez RP A
91 Benjamin IF AA
92 Fuentes IF A+
93 Duarte SP DSL
94 Lawrence RP SS
95 Calomeni RP SS
96 Cuevas OF AA
97 Snyder IF R
98 Jiminez SS A+
99 M. Jones OF A
100 V. Fernandez OF R

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