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Colorado Rockies still want to strengthen pen and breaking down Nolan Arenado’s arbitration

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Rockies news, notes and links for Tuesday, January 10

Arbitration Breakdown: Nolan Arenado | MLB Trade Rumors

Matt Swartz continues his series of amazing arbitration articles by looking at the Rockies’ own Arenado. There is a lot of nuance and research that goes into arbitration projections and Swartz explains all of the reasons why he projects Arenado to earn $13.1 million in his upcoming hearings.

Will Rockies make move to prop up 'pen? |

Thomas Harding believes that while the Rockies may be done improving their lineup, they are not done adding quality pieces to the pen. Greg Holland, Joe Blanton and Neftali Feliz are a few of the names he floats as possible future members of the Rockies bullpen.

Rockies To Sign Alexi Amarista | MLB Trade Rumors

This might seem like old news, and it is. However, there was an update yesterday that includes the contract details for Amarista’s deal with the Rockies. We are still awaiting the official announcement of the deal from the Rockies.

Top center fielders: There's Mike Trout, then the rest |

Charlie Blackmon is eighth on this list. I can’t tell you much more about it since it’s hidden behind ESPN’s paywall. But an interesting topic for conversation today may be trying to figure out who the seven better center fielders are.

Constructing the perfect Quintana deal |

Jim Duquette breaks down some of the contenders for Quintana’s services next year and includes the Rockies as a surprise dark horse at the end of the article. There is a lack of consistency between what he thinks other teams would need to give up and what he expects the Rockies have to give up. At this point, there is no link between the Rockies and the White Sox, but as we’ve learned before that may or may not mean anything.

The Greatest Of All Time: A Statistical Portrait Of Babe Ruth | Click Hole

Do not click this if you are expecting a serious statistical portrait of Babe Ruth. The article is for humorous purposes only, but it is still worth a read if you are trying to recover from your Monday blues still.