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Rockies should consider Seth Maness for the bullpen

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Rockies news and links for January 16, 2017.

Maness a Trailblazer? New surgery for elbow repair cut recovery time | St. Louis Post-Dispatch

Derrick Goold of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch explains a new but not well tested elbow repair surgery that can have a pitcher back on the mound about seven months after incision. In other words, the recovery time is about half as long as Tommy John surgery. The caveat is that, right now, surgeons have to actually see the inside parts before determining if the surgery could even work. Seth Maness, for instance, went under not knowing whether he would have TJS or the new surgery, called “primary repair.”

And, why not: Maness had the surgery, looks to be ready for the start of the 2017, and is a free agent, and probably would come pretty cheap. He’s also a righty reliever who induces a lot of grounders. So.

Quick hits: Quintana, White Sox, Sabathia, Harper, Grichuk | MLB Trade Rumors

The teams pursuing White Sox lefty José Quintana have, apparently, “sweetened their trade proposals.” Quintana remains an attractive starter who will require a boatload of talent to procure. This report mentions the Pirates, Astros, and Yankees as teams that have been connected to Quintana. So, uh, maybe the Rockies are a mystery team.

A fan can hope!

Tools of Ignorance: Cornered | Baseball Prospectus

Jeff Quinton has an excellent analysis of the defensive value of the outfield corners, as well as how that value can be maximized by plugging in players who seem like fringy center fielders. This made me re-think my “David Dahl is underutilized anywhere other than center field” position.

Someone with a center fielder’s tools handling left field duties could increase value at the position. If nothing changes, Charlie Blackmon can handle center just fine. Dahl should still most definitely be the Rockies’ center fielder after Blackmon moves on. And when that happens, maybe they should pursue an unremarkable center fielder to take over in left.