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Baseball Hall of Fame 2017 results: Larry Walker earns big bump in ballot percentage

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Larry Walker jumped 6.4 percentage points, but his Hall of Fame future is still very much in doubt.

The Baseball Writers’ Association of America on Wednesday announced its 2017 Hall of Fame selections, electing Jeff Bagwell, Tim Raines and Ivan Rodriguez to Cooperstown.

Bagwell, in his seventh year on the ballot, was named on 86.2 percent of the 442 ballots cast. Raines, in his 10th and final season on the list, earned almost 86 percent of the vote. Rodriguez is a first-ballot inductee after being named on 76 percent of voters’ ballots.

The three former players will be officially inducted during the weekend of July 28-31.

Longtime Colorado Rockies outfielder Larry Walker fell well short of the 75 percent requirement, earning just 21.9 percent of the vote (97 ballots). However, that number is up significantly from the 15.5 percent of ballots on which Walker was named a year ago. However, with an influx of strong candidates set to hit the ballot in upcoming years, Walker will likely need a grassroots effort—one similar to what recently surrounded Raines—in order to be enshrined.

Walker has just three years remaining on the ballot, which now restricts nominees to 10 years rather than 15, as it was prior to a couple of years ago. In 2019—his ninth year on the ballot—Walker will be joined by former teammate and fellow Colorado baseball legend Todd Helton.

Find the full results at the BBWAA’s website.