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Colorado Rockies not rumored to be in contact with Matt Wieters

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Rockies news and links for January 22, 2017

Yesterday, ESPN’s Jerry Crasnick tweeted that an “MLB insider with knowledge of catching market sees” the Rockies as one of the three teams that would make a good fit for catcher Matt Wieters on a one-year contract.

Note: this is not a rumor.

It’s useful to take a moment to understand what was actually said and what is actually real. First, we have to ask where the information comes from. An “MLB insider with knowledge of the catching market” can be anybody from Matt Wieters’s agent to a Major League Baseball secretary who manages interactions between teams and players. Still, Crasnick has built trust enough for us to trust his report. We should take him on good faith that the person is a knowledgeable insider.

That said, the substance of the relay is a little bit thin. There is no indication that the Rockies have been in contact with Wieters’s camp to discuss a contract, nor can we deduce that the two camps are connected in any fashion. The keyword in the tweet is “sees.” This is the opinion of a girl or a guy with some industry ties and knowledge of a specific positional market. I would counter and say that my views of Tom Murphy and Tony Wolters make this a bad fit, unless the Rockies are seeking out Wieters to form a misbegotten first base platoon with Ian Desmond. Otherwise, I don’t see it.

Words matter. It is not rumored that the Rockies are seeking to sign Wieters. It’s just that one person thinks it would be a good fit. Things could change and the speculation could begin to turn to truth. For now, we should trust what we know to be real based on available facts and information.

Finalized First Round Order for 2017 Draft | MLB Trade Rumors

Categorize this in the “not applicable” bin. The Rockies forfeited their first round selection, eleventh overall, when they signed Ian Desmond earlier this offseason. The Rangers received the draft pick compensation due to the qualifying offer they gave him. The Rangers will select 26th and 29th in the draft this June.

The order for the second round and the competitive balance rounds have also been finalized, and those do apply to the Rockies. The Rockies’ first selection will be in the second round, the 48th overall selection. They then have the 70th selection in the Competitive Balance Round B, and they pick again in the 86th spot in the third round. While the Rockies don’t have a high draft pick this year, they’ve had recent success—at least as far as prospect success goes—in the second and competitive balance rounds.