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MLB Free Agency: Colorado Rockies could be one of the final three teams in on Greg Holland

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The Rockies could add a former closer to the bullpen.

Right-handed relief pitcher Greg Holland appears to be close to signing, and the Rockies could be one of the three teams in contention for his services, according to Jon Heyman of Fan Rag Sports.

Previous reports indicated that the Rockies had offered Holland a multi-year contract. In addition to the Rockies, Heyman mentions the Nationals and a “mystery team” competing for Holland. If the Rockies did in fact offer Holland a contract, he’s either been sitting on it for nearly a month while talking to other teams, or he’s been quietly negotiating terms with the Rockies.

Earlier this offseason, MLB Trade Rumors predicted that Holland would receive a two-year contract worth $18 million. While contract predictions for right-handed sluggers like Mark Trumbo turned out to be overestimates, the reliever market has seen some large contracts paid out. It wouldn’t be surprising for Holland to get over $20 million in a two-year deal.

Holland hasn’t pitched since 2015 due to his rehab from Tommy John surgery, though he did have a showcase in November that the Rockies almost certainly attended. If the Rockies add Holland to the bullpen, they’d be gambling on a return to form, though they wouldn’t have to lean on him due to the presence of Adam Ottavino.