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Rockies officially announce signing of Greg Holland, DFA Eddie Butler

Holland’s contract includes a conditional option, and the Rockies DFA a former prospect to make room

Greg Holland is now officially a member of the Colorado Rockies, the team announced today. This comes just a few days after Holland the Rockies agreed to terms. In a corresponding move, the Rockies have designated Eddie Butler for assignment.

Holland’s contract guarantees one year and $7 million, but there are significant incentives attached to Holland’s vesting option.

Usually, with vesting options, fans will want to cheer for the player to accomplish everything necessary for the vestiture. If there are performance details that trigger the option, that applies here. The Rockies and fans alike will want Holland to reach his performance goals, whether they’re ERA or All-Star based, and earn the extra money.

But that’s not necessarily the case if the provision about the role he’ll play on the team is in the contract. When initially reported, there was a hint that part of the conditions for the option included assuming the closer role. It would be great for Holland to be good enough to earn the closer’s role, but it would be even better if Adam Ottavino held on to it by being the best reliever on the team. Holland can then handle the eighth inning, and a chorus of situational relievers can take on the remaining needed innings in a given game.

We’ll update this post as soon as contract details are released.

Update (1:45 MT): The conditions to trigger Holland’s 2018 option, according to Jon Heyman, are as follows. A $15 million vesting option triggers if Holland either pitches in 50 games or finishes 30 games. If it triggers, he’ll have the option to either accept or decline the 2018 payday.