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The Colorado Rockies all-time team from Rocky Colavito to Brooks Robinson

Frank Mountain, Preston Purple, and other Colorado Rockies’ all-timers.

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San Diego Padres v Colorado Rockies

While reading Baseball Prospectus’s top prospects list for the St. Louis Cardinals, they noted that there has never been a major-leaguer named “Harrison” before. But Cardinals prospect Harrison Bader could be the first. That is, if Rockies prospect Harrison Musgrave doesn’t beat him to it. (There’s another fun thing about Harrison Musgrave’s name that you can read about in the Baseball Prospectus Annual 2017.)

Baseball names are fun! Not only might we see two Harrisons for the first time in major-league history this season, but Harrisons Bader and Musgrave could also soon be eligible for an all-time presidential team lineup.

That’s not what’s here though. Here, you’ll find the all-time Colorado Rockies team inclusive of major leaguers, players from the Negro Leagues, and the minors. All links go to the player’s Baseball Reference page:

Catcher, Jack Rafter

First base, Elias Peak

Second base, Ski Mellilo

Third base, Brooks Robinson

Shortstop, Chester Trail

Left field, Dino Restelli

Center field, Glenallen Hill

Right field, Rocky Colavito

Bench, Preston Purple

Bench, Broadus Cabines

Util, Pebbles

Util, Peaks

Starting pitcher, Cliff Lee

Starting pitcher, Steven Stone

Starting pitcher, Hiker Moran

Starting pitcher, Pea Ridge Day

Starting pitcher, Lil Stoner (double points)

Relief pitcher, Plateau Preston Rex Cox

Relief pitcher, Frank Mountain

Relief pitcher, “Peaceful Valley” Roger Denzer

Relief pitcher, Death Valley Scott

Closer, Heathcliff Slocumb

Manager, Bud Black

Honorary name is also a sentence inclusion, Glenn Braggs

Baseball names are fun, indeed. Especially in January. Pitchers and catchers report in about two and a half weeks, folks!