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The Rockies still have work to do in the offseason

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Despite a pair of key signings, there is still much to do for the Rockies before the 2017 season begins.

MLB teams with the most offseason work left to do - Sports on Earth
Despite signing Ian Desmond and Mike Dunn to contracts valuing a total of $89 million, the Rockies make Anthony Castrovince’s list of teams with the most work left to do in the offseason.

The Rockies are still looking for a first baseman (because Desmond doesn’t look like the real answer there) and could still stand to improve their bullpen, and Castrovince also says they need a starting pitcher, though I am less inclined to agree on that point.

Players who are on the spot for 2017 season -
Rockies reliever Mike Dunn makes’s Daniel Kramer’s list of players on the spot for the 2017 season. After signing a three-year, $19 million deal, Dunn will be counted on as a key contributor in the Rockies’ bullpen which was among the league’s worst in 2016. Dunn will need to maintain his strong record of striking batters out and remaining on the field if he is to help the bullpen sufficiently improve next season.