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We’re still waiting for the other Ian Desmond shoe to drop

On the latest PDP, Tyler and Anthony discuss how Ian Desmond is still on track to be the Rockies’ actual starting first baseman.

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The Purple Dinosaur Podcast returns for 2017, much to your dismay. This week, we're talking Ian Desmond and how we were pretty positive we'd be talking way more than just Ian Desmond by Jan. 3. But hey, we're not. Ian Desmond may well be the Rockies' starting first baseman on Opening Day, so I guess we all start getting used to that idea. What does it mean for the club, and what does it say about the front office and its plan for the future (or lack thereof)?

Former Sporting News MLB editor Justin McGuire joins the show to discuss his new podcast "Baseball by the Book," in which he interviews authors of some of the best baseball books around. We'll also ask Justin if, as we fear, members of the national media look at the Rockies and go, "Yeah, nobody knows what they're doing out there."

Finally, #AskPDP returns with new theme music and all your best and most pertinent queries. The answers are revelatory and include Tyler's wedding plans with Cecily Strong.