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Colorado Rockies could remain active in January free agent market

Colorado Rockies news and notes for Thursday, January 5, 2017

Colorado Rockies versus the Los Angeles Dodgers Photo By John Leyba/The Denver Post via Getty Images

Oven every minute: 10 teams keep Stove hot |

Anthony Castrovince includes the Rockies on his list of teams most likely to make moves in January. He lists a lot of relievers on the market, like Neftali Feliz, Joe Blanton, Trevor Cahill, and others that the Rockies may be interested in pursuing, but leaves open the door for a trade, even though Jon Morosi reported yesterday that a Charlie Blackmon for Marcus Stroman deal is growing ever less likely.

He briefly mentions the possibility that the Rockies may try to sign one of the big first base bats, but that might not be the best move. First of all, Mark Trumbo is now drawing interest from the Oakland Athletics, a team that can deploy him at designated hitter. Second, and more importantly, there are plenty of reasons to believe that any Trumbo contract would quickly become a mistake, as Craig Edwards of FanGraphs detailed yesterday. However, if the Rockies might be interested in signing a completely off the radar bat like Luis Valbuena, who could likely be had for a lot less than Trumbo, then they might be in business. Or they could just sign Chris Carter.

Either way, these other dominoes should fall soon, right? Right?!

Sophomore Resolutions: No Flukes | Sports on Earth

Last year each league had a rookie who played up a valuable up the middle position hit a lot of home runs and not win the Rookie of the Year award. Both are hoping to avoid a sophomore slump. For Rockies shortstop Trevor Story, that means he needs to look more like a former Rockies shortstop than a former Rockies catcher.

Bettis declared cancer-free, resumes workouts |

Finally, in case you missed it yesterday, some objectively good news. Chad Bettis went on MLB Network Radio and reported that doctors have declared him cancer free! Thomas Harding has more from the interview, including Bettis’ outlook for the 2017 season.