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Rockies, Reds engage in Twitter snowball fight

Who won? You decide.

In case you haven’t left your house or live out of town, it snowed in Denver. A lot. Coors Field was covered, in fact, and the Colorado Rockies’ social media team decided to share an extra-white glimpse of the crown jewel of LoDo.

Some time later, the Rox tweeted a photo of newly-signed reliever Mike Dunn holding a snowball and extended a snowball fight invitation to the Twitterverse. The Cincinnati Redsboasting their own snow-covered ballpark—accepted.

The lineups:

And the highlights:

Brilliance from the Rox there. I lost it, personally.

Even the Milwaukee Brewers got involved for a minute—or, should we say, didn’t get involved.

But the Reds quickly took care of that:

The Rox got past the noise and finished up strong.

What do you think? Who won? We debated back and forth for a while before eventually coming to a consensus:

Regardless of who won, the Rockies continued to show that they have a top-flight Twitter account—not only in MLB, but pro sports as a whole. Nice job, everyone.