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Colorado Rockies trade rumors: More moves could be on the way

Rockies news, notes and links for Friday, January 6.

Colorado Rockies linked to Jose Abreu as well as more pitching | Rox Pile

Our friends over at Rox Pile put together a nice little roundup of all the Rockies related rumors and potential trades from the last few days, and it fits perfectly in the Rockpile (see what I did there?). Anyway, it’s a lot more of the same names, but hopefully if we get enough smoke there will be another fire.

Rockies, Reds Engage in Twitter snowball fight | Purple Row

In case you didn’t see yesterday, the Rockies had a little fun with the massive snowstorm that settled over Colorado on Wednesday and had a great exchange that brought a lot of attention to the two teams in what is otherwise, for the most part, a baseball dead period. Another win for the Rockies social media team, that is hiring, by the way!

PuRP No. 30:Jose Gomez | Purple Row

The unveiling of the PuRPs list began yesterday, with the Grand Junction Rockies shortstop Jose Gomez coming in at 30. Keep a lookout later today to find out who comes in at 29.