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MLB trade rumors: Seattle Mariners interested in outfielder, Colorado Rockies could be partner

Could the Mariners be interested in one of the Rockies veteran outfielders?

MLB: Colorado Rockies at New York Yankees Anthony Gruppuso-USA TODAY Sports

The Seattle Mariners have already completed one trade today, dealing Seth Smith for Yovani Gallardo and cash. However, they do not appear to be finished with their offseason acquisitions quite yet. Ken Rosenthal is reporting that the Mariners are now looking for an outfielder with no preference to handedness.

After trading Smith, the Mariners currently are slated to start Mitch Haniger, Leonys Martin, and Ben Gamel in the outfield. For a team that wants to contend, their outfield is in desperate need of reinforcement.

While the Mariners may be able to sign a free agent to fulfill their needs, there aren’t many quality options left. José Bautista and Mark Trumbo are the best bats left with outfield experience; however, both of them have a qualifying offer attached and have questionable defensive ability. Considering the size of the Mariners outfield, it is easy to see how they might be looking for a different option.

The other option for the Mariners is to trade for a quality starting outfielder would be to make a trade for one. Considering General Manager Jerry Dipoto’s affinity for making trades, this seems like the most likely solution and that bring us to the Rockies.

The Rockies have been very public in their intentions to keep all of their outfielders and have Ian Desmond play first base next year. However, no one quite seems ready to believe them, and their offseason would start to make a lot more sense if they did trade either Carlos Gonzalez or Charlie Blackmon for some additional young pitching. Both Gonzalez and Blackmon would be massive upgrades for the Mariners and with the acquisition of Gallardo, the Mariners might be more willing to offer up a young starting pitcher which has been rumored to be the center of Jeff Bridich’s trade demands.

As of yet, there has been no sourced connection between the two teams. However, in the two offseasons and trade deadlines since Bridich took over as Rockies GM we’ve learned that the lack of such public rumors doesn’t preclude a deal being done.

Of course, this would follow along nicely with the actions the Rockies took in the SB Nation MLB Offseason Sim from earlier this winter. There, the Rockies managed to turn Charlie Blackmon into left-handed starting pitcher James Paxton righty reliever Dan Altavilla. Who knows, maybe Dipoto and Bridich are loyal readers and have been looking for a way to make this very trade happen all along!