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Rockies and Carlos Gonzalez are reportedly talking extension

Cargo could remain a force in the middle of the Rockies order past this year

The Rockies and Carlos González might be working on a contract extension, according to ESPN’s Jim Bowden. Bowden’s source is Jeff Bridich himself. Bridich “made it clear” to Bowden that the Rockies want to extend González, and that “the feeling is apparently mutual.”

CarGo is entering the final year of the seven year $80 million extension he signed prior to the 2011 season. In all, he’s been well worth it. In the past six seasons, CarGo has posted a 117 OPS+. But the first four of those six seasons were characterized by injuries and limited, but mostly high-level, playing time.

He’s flipped the script in the past two seasons. In 2015 and 2016, CarGo has been a reliable player in terms of production and, surprisingly, playing time. González has played in 150 and 153 games in the past two seasons. CarGo is set to get $20 million in 2017.

The closest recent free agent comparison is probably Dexter Fowler, who got five years and $82 million from the Cardinals. A contract like that would keep CarGo in Denver through his age 35 season. He could still be a solid bat through the entirety of that deal, and it might also entail the much talked about but yet to be implemented move to first base. The price, however, would be fairly high. González should be able to command a Fowler-like deal if he decides to test free agency after 2017.

Bowden writes that the Rockies and González’s camp are currently far away from an agreement, “but they’re working on it.”