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MLB Playoffs 2017: The best photos and tweets from Rockies clinch day

Here’s what people are saying and and seeing after the Rockies clinched the Wild Card

Saturday was a great day to be a Colorado Rockies fan. Applause rocked the stadium and shook up Twitter as people sent out photos and videos in celebration. Here are some of the best tweets and images from yesterday.

Just a few co-workers watching the ballgame.

Nolan Arenado jumping and screaming is all of us.

Puck yeah? Huck yeah? Shuck yeah? I can’t quite make out what they’re saying in Jonathan Lucroy’s video.

From the field.

I knew he had it in him.

Make sure to check out the hype video. It’s something everyone should see at least once in their lifetime.

Rockies social media was on point.

And the 2017 Rockies weren’t that far away from celebrating yesterday with Ryan Howard on the team. That would have been weird.

And a speech from Bud Black, then party on!


“This is what I signed up for!”

Carlos Estevez on it!

Mark Haas gets a chat with Jon Gray

Nolan Arenado and company!

And there’s more to come from Bud Black!

From my champagne-soaked phone...

Colorado Rockies, Let’s roll!