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Looking back at the Wild Card game, ahead to the 2018 Rockies

Tyler and Anthony look back at the Rockies’ postseason loss and ahead to what the 2018 version of the team could offer.

The Rockies' 2017 season is over with a bummer of a National League Wild Card Game loss to the D-backs, and that stinks. But you know what doesn't stink? The lessons of the 2017 season as a whole. For the last few years, 2017 looked like the year that could open the window to a strong run for the Rockies, and it played out that way. That's a positive no matter how you slice it. And we as members of the Rockies' Always Rational And Measured Online Fan Brigade are nothing if not positive.

As we look back on the Wild Card Game, we'll dive into what went wrong with Jon Gray, what the comeback(s) said about the Rockies as a club, the controversy/non-controversy over the D-backs' Apple Watch shenanigans, and more.

The offseason is on the horizon and coming up fast. The Rockies have decisions to make on a lot of key guys heading into free agency. Who's going and who's staying?

Plus half the League Championship Series field is set. Since the D-backs put up one heck of a fight in the Division Series, the Dodgers are the freshest team heading on to the next round. What will the World Series look like? We'll give our thoughts, likely to be proven completely wrong by the course of history.

It's the 119th episode of the Purple Dinosaur Podcast. Put it on your Apple Watch and tip some pitches with it!