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Jonathan Lucroy should be the re-signing priority for Rockies

Colorado Rockies news, notes and links for Wednesday, October 11

MLB: Los Angeles Dodgers at Colorado Rockies Russell Lansford-USA TODAY Sports

Free Agent Stock Watch: Jonathan Lucroy - MLB Trade Rumors

Lucroy's disappointing first half with the Rangers may be the Rockies boon a second time. Not only were they able to acquire him at the deadline for much cheaper than expected prior to the season, his struggles with Texas may also reduce his free agent costs. MLBTR does a great job breaking down what he will likely earn on the free agent market this season. As long as it's a three-year deal, I'm all for bringing back the veteran catcher to guide the Rockies pitching staff.

Could Jonathan Lucroy and Greg Holland return to the Rockies next year? | The Denver Post

Patrick Saunders answers some of his reader's questions. Saunders believes that the Rockies have a greater than even shot at resigning Lucroy which is extremely encouraging. Off all of the Rockies free agents this offseason, he's the one that I think should be the highest priority for the Rockies.

The contracts with the biggest impact in 2018 |

The Rockies have five players under contract for the next season. There's also $4 million committed to Jose Reyes. Past that every other player on the roster is either pre-arb or arbitration eligible.

The most surprising players of the 2017 season |

Mark Reynolds and Ian Desmond are the two highlighted here as the most surprising in a good and bad way respectively.