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Colorado Rockies will rely on young pitching again next season

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Rockies news and links for October 14, 2017

Inbox: How do young arms affect Rox's future? |

Among the questions fielded here by Thomas Harding is one about the Rockies and their contention window. Even coming off a season where the young starting pitching was outstanding and a pleasant surprise, it is fair to point out that it’s a potential issue moving forward.

We know by now, from the experiences of the Rockies and of other teams, all the things that can go wrong with young starting pitching. In 2017, the Rockies’ managed to stay fairly healthy and to weather the ups and downs when some pitchers were inconsistent. Credit Bud Black for managing workloads on both counts, but it is no sure thing that the success will continue in seasons to come.

Colorado Rockies: top 5 successful players for the Rockies in 2017 | Rox Pile

It’s the time of year when we get to alternate between discussing what went wrong and what went right for the Rockies as they reached the playoffs this season. Noah Yingling takes a look at the best players for a team that was fairly top-heavy this season in terms of talent.

The Dan Le Batard Show with Stugotz - Hour 2: The Toddfather | ESPN Radio

This helps settle the debate that was never actually a debate. This is a national radio program, and in this hour they debated whether Todd Frazier or Todd Zeile is more worthy of the “Toddfather” nickname. Sorry, I should clarify. It was a question of whether Frazier or Zeile should be Toddfather 2, because it is obvious that Todd Helton is the Toddfather.

It is obvious.

Corey Seager left off Dodgers NLCS roster | True Blue LA

Checking in with the Dodgers ahead of game 1 of the NLCS with some big news. Their star shortstop is off the NLCS roster with back tightness. Old friend Charlie Culberson was added in his place.

Are you prepared for Charlie Culberson to be a playoff hero? You should be.